1189 - 2021 : Commentarium in Apocalypsin 1184

It is with great pleasure that we announce "1189 - 2021 : Commentarium in Apocalypsin", by Magda Delgado and Pedro Pascoinho.

Opening : 
Thursday, November 11 | 6 — 10 pm

Duration :
11.11  - 15.01.2021


Whether regarded prophetically or symbolically, hallucinatorilly or therapeutically, the Apocalypse and the great revelations are in line with our times. They concern us in our current affairs and this is where the strength and relevance of this encounter between Pascoinho’s black drawings on paper and Delgado’s colourful acrylic on raw linen canvas reside. Merging with the immersive musical piece they co-created, the dynamical visual complementarities and oppositions at play are emphasised by the successively somber and luminous sounds and tonalities. The web of geometric patterns, mathematical proportions and vibrant chromatic planes brings openness and expansion to the Warburgian-like associations of symbols, fragments and mnemonic impressions. The contrasted juxtaposition of dark and melancholic figurative motifs with luminescent abstract paintings where primary colours dominate, deploys a kind of Axis Mundi connecting heaven and earth, subterranean and celestial domains, contingencies and necessities, torments and aspirations, genesis and end of the time. (Katherine Sirois, "Commentarium in Apocalypsin", excerpt)

Exhibition Text : Katherine Sirois
Translation : Henrique Frederico
Photography : Bruno Lopes
Video : João Silva
Sound : Registos de Magda Delgado. Masterização de Pedro Pascoinho e Carlos Pascoinho
Production support : Fernando Lopes 
Art handling / Setting up : Maria Torrada