It is with great pleasure that we announce Matter-Affect, a group show with works by Daniela Ventura, Jong Oh, Keke Vilabelda, Nora Aurrekoetxea and Pilar Mackenna, curated by Susana Ventura

Wednesday, June 8th | 5  – 9 PM

08.06 – 10.09.2022

"(...) Matter concentrates, in itself, affects (they are not external to it, nor imputed). Affect is here understood as a sensitive compound released by the individuation process of matter (and not as belonging to a subject) which results in its capacity to create different states such as attraction, empathy, horror, repulsion (among others), independent of a subjective emotion. Returning to Simondon's model of modulation, we think of the different powers of matter, which are in constant becoming, as intrinsic affects to matter (taking into account that it results from a double process of individuation, as we have defined).

The selected works by Keke Vilabelda, Daniela Ângelo, Nora Aurrekoetxea, Jong Oh and Pilar Mackenna explore, in very different ways, this relation between matter and affection, starting from an experimentation on materials, on the very substances they are composed of and the forces they concentrate which find, in the passage to expressive matter, a distinct composition, drawing a new energetic field (or immanent vibration) released by gestures, lines and colors. This is also intensified by the encounter between different works, producing different reverberations and resonances, which increase whenever we place ourselves at the intersection of opposing forces (such as, for instance, between the force of gravity and suspension, between weight and lightness) or between forces that act by continuity (between materials that are in the same chain of transformation such as, for example, the mineral). Simultaneously, the resonances which arise between forms in some of these encounters send the forces back to matter, in this sense that both form and matter build each other up.(...)

Susana Ventura, exhibition text (excerpt)

Daniela Ângelo, Jong Oh, Keke Vilabelda, Nora Aurrekoetxea, Pilar Mackenna
08.06 — 29.07.2022
Curated by : Susana Ventura 
Photography : Bruno Lopes 
Video : João Silva 
Graphic Identity : NO·NO 
Translation : NO·NO 
Production Support : Jesus Crespo 
In collaboration with (and special thanks to) : Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Juan Silió Gallery