Ana Pérez-Quiroga | Stores with History EGEAC
Ana Pérez-Quiroga | Stores with History EGEAC
EGEAC presents the second part of the Spring – Summer Collection project, which took place between April and May. This Friday, October 15th, the Autumn – Winter Collection starts, which once again occupies the windows of some of the oldest stores in downtown Lisbon.

A Carioca – Ana Pérez-Quiroga
Barbearia Oliveira - Vasco Araújo
Ferragens Guedes – Ângela Ferreira
Ginginha sem Rival – Francisco Vidal 
Livraria Bertrand – Adriana Proganó
Livraria Trindade– Sara Chang Yan
Luvaria Ulisses – Sara & André
Manuel Tavares – Ana Sardigal
Ourivesaria Sarmento – Isabel Cordovil

10.15 — 11.15.2021
Ana Pérez-Quiroga (b. 1960)
Daily Breviary #8 – A Carioca, 2021
A Carioca
Rua da Misericórdia, 9